Solsta Olarp Armchair Cover

Image shown below is just a representation of the fabric's on the sofa.
Solsta Olarp Armchair Cover

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Kindly note that this is the Long skirt version of the Solsta Olarp armchair slipcover. Do not mistake this for the Ektorp Tullsta Armchair - the difference can be seen by the elevation of the armchair's back. The Ektorp Tullsta has an elevated back while the Solsta Olarp is flat from the back to the armrests.

The Solsta Olarp Armchair is similar to the Ektorp Tullsta Armchair, but its back is completely flat while the Tullsta’s slanted. Each slipcover set comes in 2 individual pieces; 1 armchair frame cover and 1 seat cushion cover

Solsta Olarp Armchair Dimensions: Width: 66cm, Depth: 62cm, Height: 63cm

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