Why Comfort Works?

Ghost Sofa Slipcover on IKEA Soderhamn
We make beautiful, handmade slipcovers for many brands, models and sizes. In that, we promise an affordable slipcover that’s not only beautiful, but unique as well. The best part is that it won’t fall apart after a few washes and we stand by that guarantee.
Personalise it with your preference

Personalised touch

A slipcover from the shelf can be found in many homes but because our slipcovers are handmade-to-order, we have the flexibility to make these covers differently. 
This means we’ll be able to accommodate any customisations you’d like. Whether it’s contrast piping, tailored pleats or ribbon ties - let us know, and we’ll sew it accordingly.

Fabrics that follow function

Pick from a vast selection of cottons, blends, linens, velvets and leathers. Whether you’re going for something stain resistant, ultra-comfy or plain basic - we have it. Our fabrics are also tested against stretching, shrinking, pilling and we’ve made doubly sure that the colours don’t run or fade after each wash - not all brands can say that. 
Not sure how the fabric is in real life? No biggie, get some fabric samples for some serious testing.
Fabrics with their functions

What's in the Bag?

Heavy Duty Zippers

Heavy-Duty Zippers

Over the years, zippers can break quite easily but we've made sure to get only the best that won't bend or break. If you have the bycast leather covers we'll even provide two just in case.

Placement Labels

Instead of overwhelming you with an instruction manual, we stitch a little label on each slipcover if the set  you ordered has more than 4 individual pieces in it. Life's hard enough as it is, you shouldn't have to solve a puzzle while putting on your new slipcovers.
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Velvet Lining

Remember how the seat cushion on the sofa-bed always slides off? Well, slide-no-more with this velvet lining as it provides enough abrasion to prevent the seats from sliding off when you sit on it. Send us an email though if you prefer reversible cushion covers.

Weather-proof Bag

The slipcover come in a water-resistant drawstring bag which also double up as a storage bag for your old slipcovers. Protection against the elements is always handy, just in case!
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Delivery Info

Standard delivery time is typically within 3 weeks from the time of order. The order takes about 2 weeks to produce and pack, and we'll allow up to a week for it to show up on your doorstep.
An “Express Order” add-on will ensure shipment within 8-10 days from the time of purchase. Should we be experiencing a busy period, this option will be made unavailable.
We recommend the use of work/office addresses as deliveries will happen during business hours and will require a signature upon delivery.

What our customers have to say

We’re proud to have made lots of people and homes happy with our custom made slipcovers and great service. We will continue these efforts to maintain our standards of quality, and put more smiles on faces across the globe.
Everybody is entitled to our 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy, and that's a pinky promise :)
Should you have any concerns or need assistance of any kind, our friendly customer service agents are always up and on-the-go to assist you. We are more than happy to receive emails, chats or even calls from our potential customers. Have a question? Contact us here.