Bezüge für IKEA Tomelilla Schlafsofa
Bezüge für IKEA Tomelilla Schlafsofa

Redis-Cover your Tomelilla sofa bed

Du kannst dein Sofa nicht finden?

Wir sind die besten Detektive, also wenn du dein Modell nicht finden kannst, dann kontaktiere uns am besten mit einem Foto von deinem Sofa. Wir melden uns bei dir innerhalb eines Arbeitstages und sagen dir Bescheid, wie du mit deiner Bestellung fortfahren kannst.

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We create beautiful Slipcovers for the Tomelilla Sofa bed from IKEA. The sofa is discontinued in 2008, choose from over 70 different fabrics and customisation options here. Shop now!

Got an IKEA Tomelilla sofa bed that gets plenty of use but is starting to look a little worn out? Give it a quick and affordable upgrade with a custom, handmade replacement couch cover. You can design the look of your slipcover by picking from over 70 gorgeous fabrics and adding your own personal touches such as pleats, piping, ribbons and side pockets.

Our affordable custom IKEA replacement couch covers don't just refresh your living space, they also save your sofa bed from ending up in a landfll, making it an option that's friendly on your wallet and mother nature. We will deliver your slipcovers to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world, for free.

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