Product Guides

Need a little help getting started? We've prepared some useful guides to help you discover how we can help customise your sofa covers for the best possible fit and look that reflects your unique style and personality.

IKEA Manstad or Fagelbo IKEA Manstad Sofa Bed slipcover in Modena White Leather Couch Sofa Cover

If you're having trouble telling these similar-looking IKEA sofa models apart, here's a quick guide on how to spot the differences.

IKEA Kivik Sectionals Chaise Seater Sofa Covered in Nomad Red and Gaia White Contrast Piping Cotton Blends Slipcover by Comfort Works

It can be tricky to figure out if piping will be a good look for your slipcover and space. We help you decide with this guide.

Velcro Straps for Snug Fit Slipcover by Comfort Works

A question we get a lot is this: "what do I do with the straps that came with my snug-fit slipcover?" We've got you covered here :)

IKEA Soderhamn Sectional Chaise Sofa Covered in Savannah Saddle Bycast Leather Slipcover Customisation Options by Comfort Works

Skirted, ribboned, piped, loose-fit or snug-fit, we've got plenty of customisation options to help you create the look you're after.

Measuring for Custom Sofa Slipcover IKEA Ektorp 3 Seater Sofa Slipcover by Comfort Works

Thinking of having a made-to-measure slipcover for your sofa or chair? Here's how to get those measurements right.

IKEA karlstad sofa cover covered in luna grey linen slipcover with USB port by comfort works

Turn your sofa into a charging station for any mobile device. Lazy weekends guaranteed.