Redis-Cover your Norsborg sofa

Get a replacement set of sofa covers for the IKEA Norsborg sofa series. Our custom IKEA Norsborg sofa slipcovers will upgrade your Norsborg couch and give it a truly non-IKEA look, with 70+ exclusive fabrics to choose from. Norsborg couch covers ship worldwide for free.

Revive your old IKEA sofa with custom replacement sofa covers!

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The spiritual descendent of IKEA's beloved Karlstad, the Norsborg series was introduced in 2015 featuring classic Scandinavian lines and plenty of options for a modular layout. Please note that you will have to disassemble your sofa to replace the slipcovers as each cover will go over each Norsborg component separately as per the original sofa covers.

Kindly note that its distinctive armrest covers also come with practical side pockets by default.

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