Give your IKEA Klippan sofa a luxurious makeover

Upgrade your IKEA Klippan sofa with replacement IKEA Klippan sofa covers in 70+ exclusive fabrics. Amaze your friends with a unique looking sofa which doesn't look IKEA at all i.e. a custom Klippan cover. Choose from different styles & customisations for a personalised look.

Revive your old IKEA sofa with custom replacement sofa covers!

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Give your IKEA Klippan sofa a luxurious makeover

Replacement, additional or extra covers for Klippan Sofa

First introduced in 1979, Klippan is arguably the most popular sofa in the world. Kindly note that our covers are made as per IKEA's original fabric covers. If yours is the faux leather version - our 'Long Skirt' Klippan fabric cover is recommended instead.

Fall in love with your IKEA Klippan sofa all over again with our custom IKEA replacement slipcovers. Our custom Klippan cover boasts over 70 fabric options, with customisations that will give your Klippan a whole new look that reflects your unique personality and style. Your first step to transforming your Klippan sofa: Order our fabric samples that you can test in the comfort of your own home so that you can pick the perfect fabric and colour for you.

Worried about having your custom Klippan cover made and sent to you from the other side of the world? There's no need to be. Our friendly customer service dudes and dudettes are always on hand to answer your burning questions and put your fears to rest should you have any. Plus, you can rest assured that your covers will arrive safely thanks to a shipping process that ensures your package is tracked and insured right to your doorstep, for free.

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