IKEA Kramfors Sofa Covers Kino Ash Heavy Duty Polyester Couch Slipcover
IKEA Kramfors Sofa Covers Kino Ash Heavy Duty Polyester Couch Slipcover

Redis-Cover your Kramfors sofa

If the cushion covers on your old Kramfors have given way, we've got replacement leather covers for you. Choose from 70+ fabrics for your replacement IKEA Kramfors sofa covers and save your old discontinued sofa from the landfill. Plus there's free shipping worldwide for all couch cover sets for purchases above US$150.

Revive your old IKEA sofa with custom replacement sofa covers!

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Re-Cover your IKEA Kramfors sofa

IKEA Sofa Covers Kramfors Kino Denim Heavy Duty Couch Slipcover

The minimalist Kramfors sofa was introduced in the mid 2000s but discontinued in 2009. We build slipcovers for both fabric slipcover or bycast leather upholstery.

If you are looking to replace just the seat cushion cover, please select the "seat cushion covers ONLY" size/model. If you are looking to replace your entire sofa with a fabric cover, your fabric choices are aplenty. For more info: Kramfors fabric vs Kramfors leather

Worried about having your IKEA Kramfors slipcovers made and sent to you from the other side of the world? Don't be. Our very friendly customer service dudes and dudettes are always on hand to answer your burning questions and allay your fears to rest should you have any. Plus, you can rest assured that your covers will arrive safely thanks to a shipping process that ensures your package is tracked and insured right to your doorstep, for free. A personal touch that our customers love is the way our covers are packaged: Each slipcover comes packed in a specially-designed pouch that doubles up as a storage bag for your extra slipcover when it's not in use.

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