Redis-Cover your Backamo sofa

We make custom replacement IKEA Backamo sofa covers that save your discontinued sofa from the landfill. Each IKEA Backamo couch cover set is handmade and tailored to fit. Choose from 70+ fabrics for your IKEA Backamo sofa slipcover and get it delivered anywhere in the world for free.

Revive your old IKEA sofa with custom replacement sofa covers!

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Transform your Backamo sofa

The Backamo 3 seater is often mistaken for the Backa 2.5 seater. To tell the difference - the Backamo would have curvier arms and 6 original throw cushions instead of 4, which the Backa has. Original slipcover also comes with pleated skirts, so if your sofa slipcover isn't skirted - it's more likely an IKEA Backa 2.5 sofa.

Also note that due to manufacturing limitations, this model will have a clearly visible seam centred on the sofa (instead of a smooth seamless look) when made with the Herringbone fabrics.

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