How To Install Mounting Plates For Any Sofa

The height of our sofa leg's bolt is 2cm and its diameter is 8mm. If your sofa isn't based on this standard, you need to install mounting plates to your sofa to fix our sofa legs. 


Sofa's Leg

-Comfort Works Sofa legs x respective number
-Mounting plates x respective number
-Screws x 4 for each mounting plate
-Hammer × 1
-Electric screwdriver or manual screwdriver x 1

Step 1 : Confirm where to install mounting plates

Mark it with chalk

Make sure the plates are located in the holes where the legs are originally come.

Step 2 : Make marks where to screw

Staple, staple, staple !

Hammer the screws and make marks where to fasten the screws through 4 holes on a mounting plate.

Step 3 : Screw

Snug it on nicely

Use an electric screwdriver or a Manual one to screw

Step 4 : Fasten the screws

Snug it on nicely

If you used an electric screwdriver in step 3, use a manual screwdriver to fasten the screws. 

Step 5 : Repeat Step 2 - Step 4 for respective number of legs

Snug it on nicely

Step 6 : Place sofa legs

Snug it on nicely

Place sofa legs through mounting plates

Step 7 : Done

Snug it on nicely

If you have any concerns/questions, please let us know from here. We'll assist you shortly.