IKEA Manstad or Fagelbo?

They both look very similar and if you're having trouble, here's a quick guide to spot the differences.

Darth Vader on Armrest Protector

First things first

The most obvious difference would be the difference in the number of back cushions, followed by the way the chaise storage opens up. 

1) The Manstad has 3 back cushions while the Fagelbo has 5 back cushions.

2) The storage compartment for the Manstad opens frontwards, while the Fagelbo opens sideways

Alt text
Alt text

Credit : IKEA Assembly Instructions

Second things second

Do you know which year your Manstad was bought in? Models bought before 2008 differ from models bought after 2008. As a quick guide: 

1) Manstad models bought before 2008 have a fixed bracket and hinge located on the chaise arm and back (as shown above). Models bought after 2008, do not. This will ONLY affect the snug fit version as an additional small incision is required. 

2) Manstad models prior to 2008 will not have a velcro attachments for the storage compartment piece of the chaise lounge unit - this piece is not removable. 

3) Models produced after 2008 will have velcro attachments and will allow the front fabric panels to be removed. Regardless, we will provide additional velcro straps in every parcel so you can then staple/glue them on to the inner side of the compartment.

Last but not least

We love the Manstad so much we decided to make them in 3 different styles.

Snug Fit

Manstad Snug Fit
If you like the original look and function, this is for you. 

Loose Fit

Alt text
Something more practical to wash, with easy access to the chaise storage still. 

Basic Fit

Alt text
Simple covers to plop over your Manstad - not as easy to access chaise storage. 
Hope this article was helpful, check out your Manstad covers here!