Sequedin , France

by Charlotte Maucourt@bonjourtangerine

Charlotte and the little family

Introduce yourself, where do you come from 
and what do you do for a living?

My name is Charlotte and I’m 34 years old. I was born in the countryside in the north of France, near the sea in Dunkerque. Now, I live with my partner and son in a town near Lille.
I work from home, running an online shop selling vintage tableware and run my blog, Tangerinette. My little boy is almost 2 years old.

Where did you go for your last holiday?
Tell us about the experience.

Playing with Lupe in the forest
I already feel like it’s been a long time since my last vacation. We spent 4 weeks in August in Aveyron, France. We had a family home, near a train gatekeeper’s house which our little boy really loved, because he loves watching the trains go by.
Aveyron is a lush, green area so we took many walks and spent a lot of leisure time.
Me and Loup by the beach

What's your favourite season in Sequedin?     

I do not really have a favorite season, I love them all. I love the winter when it's cold (and even more when it's snowing), and when we come back from a walk in the woods and the stove is warm, I love springtime when all nature wakes up. We enjoy the beach and the outdoors, I love the autumn and all its colors. But if I had to choose one it would be autumn!

What makes France stand out from its neighbouring countries?

I love France for all its varying landscapes which differ from one region to another, and our gastronomy. I really love Lille, the great city of the North and all its architecture, charm and various districts.
Me and Loup riding
Our backyard

Tell us about the history of your home.

Our home dates back to 1943. It was built from the ruins of 2 houses demolished in the 39/45 war. It belonged to to the family of my friend, the Gautier family. It belonged to his great grandfather, then later his great aunt. Next to the house was the laundry owned by the family and we even found the old wooden advertising panel in the garden!

Gautier bought it in 2005 and we did some major renovations. Now we have a large garden, vegetable garden and some chickens. We love our home with its red bricks and beautiful windows with stained glass. We’ve been living here since 2007 and one day, we’d like to retire to the countryside. We would like to build a bioclimactic house or just move our whole house (but that’s not possible, apparently ^^).
Loup and his Daddy

In your opinion, what colour is the most versatile for use in the home?   

I love yellow, without hesitation. Small hints of yellow around the home marries well with many other colours, such as black, pink, green... Here, I have it on a chair, a cushion, my carpet and crocheted rug.
Our cute reading corner
Cat on its own pillow
Small details to beautify
Gautier and Loup reading book

How would you describe your pet to an alien from outer space?

Ah! This is a question for Gautier who is very interested in the planets. He’ll certainly tell me what it’s not because he loves astronomy that he’ll know how to talk to the aliens!

We have reflected on the description of Tiji, our 14-year-old bull terrier: do not be afraid, she is very friendly despite her funny head and guards our home and our cats ;)

What was the last gift you gave someone?

I gave a nice doll house to my little boy, Loup.
Loup wandering in backyard
Putting it on

Why did you decide to purchase the sofa you have now?

We bought this sofa a few years ago, so it’s second-hand. We needed a sofa that would be convertible (to a sofa-bed) and look good. The IKEA Karlstad was perfect and I love it’s very 50s lines.

Would you say that you've purchased your dream sofa? Why or why not?

Before I had it is the sofa of my dreams, and it remains so. It’s beautiful, comfortable and the covers can be easily changed and washed. And now it has a new slipcover that rejuvenates it, with new sofa legs to give it
The sexy one on the Karlstad
Family photo #1
Family photo #2
The Lovely Sofa of Ours

Enjoy your newly re-slipcovered sofa, Charlotte!

Charlotte's slipcovers for her Karlstad 3-Seater Sofabed were discontinued by IKEA, but luckily we still make covers for it, so if you have one that needs saving, just get new slipcovers for it! She chose Kino Natural fabric, a 100% polyester that is super durable and machine washable which is perfect for her active household.