Sofa Covers For Pets

Sofa Slipcovers Your Pets Will Love But Can’t Destroy

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Comfort Works Bemz


Price for entry level fabrics

Higher Lower

Price for mid to high end fabrics

Lower Higher

100% entry level cotton fabric (CW's cotton canvas vs Bemz's simply cotton)

Higher(~$40) Lower

100% polyster velvet fabric (CW's performance velvet vs Bemz's simply velvet)

Lower(~$40) Higher

Prices for different slipcover styles (piping, skirt, fit, pleats)

Standard Variable

Customer Satisfaction

Review Platforms

Thousands of reviews on Google, FB,, Houzz Hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot

Review Rating

4.8+ stars on all platforms 4.8+ stars on Trustpilot

Pays Trustpilot?

No Yes

Facebook Reviews Hidden?

No Yes

Delivery Time

Delivery Time

3 Weeks 4-5 Weeks

Choices & Customisations

Color & Fabric Choices

40+ 100+

Fabric Types

Cotton, linen, velvet, vegan leather, synthetics, and blends Cotton, linen, velvet, recycled fabric, synthetics, and blends

Extra Features

Built in hidden USB/wireless charger (to keep yourself charged up and ready to go) None

Style Options

Popular preset styles (scandi, urban, minimalist, classic, and more) Choice to add piping, long skirt, or go loose fit

Sofa Brands

Slipcovers IKEA, other big sofa brands, and custom sofas Slipcovers for only IKEA furniture

Accessories & Other Products

Custom Sofa Legs

Yes Yes

Custom Cushion Covers

Yes Yes


Cushions, throw blankets, etc Cushions, throw blankets, etc

Bedding Products

None Sells covers for IKEA bed frames and other bedding accessories