Wedge Armrest Protectors

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4 stars

reviewsio source 12 June 2018

First I have to say the customer service from Comfort Works was terrific. Even when they sent only half my order of two pairs of custom arm rest covers, they expressed shipped the other pair to me [Read More]

12 June 2018

4 stars

houzz source 12 June 2018

Fantastic customer service. I had two pairs of custom arm rest covers made and they turned out fabulous! Only mistake was when they sent only half my order bu... [Read More]

12 June 2018

5 stars

karin m

reviewsio source 9 December 2018

I love Comfort Works! Just bought my 3rd cover for a new Ikea Strandmon chair in Rouge Turquoise velvet. It is divine! There was a mixup on the fabric for a custom pillow cover to go with it but as [Read More]

9 December 2018

5 stars

Hong Z

reviewsio source 6 December 2018

High quality and fit very well,love this cover and fabric really fabulous!!!! [Read More]

6 December 2018

Wedge Armrest Protectors