Redis-Cover your Landskrona sofa with new Slipcovers

Replace your old discontinued IKEA Landskrona sofa covers with our custom couch covers. We make sofa covers for the IKEA Landskrona sofa, loveseat, armchair and footstool / ottoman, etc etc. Our handmade Landskrona slipcovers come in 70+ exclusive fabrics, a 3 year Guarantee and Free Worldwide Shipping.

Revive your old IKEA sofa with custom replacement sofa covers!

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All our slipcovers are delivered anywhere in the world for free, and come in a beautiful, reusable bag that you can use to store your covers in. Plus, every component of your covers are individually labelled to make installation on your couch as easy and hassle-free as possible. They also come with a 3-year warranty that guarantees your satisfaction because we're 100% confident that you'll love your slipcovers and how they'll make your IKEA pieces for many years to come.

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