Muji Sofa Covers

Looking for an affordable replacement for you Muji sofa covers?? Personalize your Muji sofa with our machine-washable and super-durable fabric slipcovers.

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Note: The sofas released 2019 onwards are not included in this finder. If you cannot find your sofa, please get in touch with us from the contact form below.

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We're quite the couch detectives, so if you couldn’t find yours in the line-up above, get in touch with us and send us a photo of it. We'll get back to you within a working day with what to do next.


Upgrade your Muji sofa

Comfort Works makes custom slipcovers for several Muji sofas including the Beads Sofa Cover, Wide Arm Sofa Cover, Slim Arm Sofa Cover. Don't see your sofa here? Contact us for a quote!

Breathe new life into your Muji sofa with a custom replacement sofa slipcover. Create a unique, tailored look with over 70 fabrics to choose from, including velvets, cottons, linens and leathers, as well as personal touches like pleated skirts, contrast piping and side pockets for a look that reflects your style.

Enjoy a delightful shopping experience with us as we hold your hand throughout the entire process, from the moment you get in touch with us, right down to your installation. All our covers come with a 3-year warranty because we're 100% confident that you'll love your covers for many years to come.

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