PB Basic Slipcovers

PB Basic Slipcovers

Redis-Cover your PB Basic sectional

Slipcover your Pottery Barn PB Basic Sectional Components with custom-made slipcovers from Comfort Works!

Don't See Your Sofa?

We're quite the couch detectives, so if you couldn’t find yours in the line-up above, get in touch with us and send us a photo of it. We'll get back to you within a working day with what to do next.


Save your PB Basic sectional sofa

It's like Lego for your sofa! Modular sectional components allow so much freedom in creating the perfect space for your home and slipcovers for each component of the PB Basic range can make this extra comfy.

Got a Pottery Barn PB Basic sectional that could use an upgrade? Make your sectional's components look better than brand new quickly and without breaking the bank with our custom replacement slipcovers. We've got over 70 fabrics for you to choose from, and offer customisations that will make your sectional reflect your personality, including pleats, piping and ribbons.

All our carefully-crafted slipcovers come with a 2-year warranty because we're 100% confident that you'll love and will get plenty of joy out of your Pottery Barn PB Basic sectional for many years to come. And if you're worried about having them shipped from across the world, don't be. Our customer service dudes and dudettes are always on hand to answer your questions and allay your fears, should you have any.

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Valentine in Paris

"I love the sapphire blue velvet covers, they are a marvel compared to my old off-white IKEA covers. Plus, I no longer have to worry about protecting the covers from spills."

- Valentine in Paris

Kathleen in California

"I wanted to have some pleats on the chair skirt, and am still over-the-top in love with how it turned out! Liquid and dirt simply slides off the nano-coated Liege Biscuit fabric!"

- Kathleen in Cali

Asami in Yokohama

"The slipcover saves me money in the long-term by saving my old sofa. Instead of having to buy a new sofa or re-upholster it, I can simply take the covers out and wash or change them."

- Asami in Yokohama

Jenny in Hamburg

"The ability to change the covers is another plus point. Color makes so much of difference so a simple slipcover can change easily the character of the whole living space. I like that."

- Jenny in Hamburg