Collapsible Wooden Armrest Tray

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5 stars

reviewsio source 23 May 2018

Great customer experience from beginning to end. Lots of personal contact. The sofa covers are gorgeous too! [Read More]

23 May 2018

5 stars

reviewsio source 25 March 2018

The staff at Comfort Works were very helpful, and professional regarding my purchase of sofa covers. They offered a range of options that were possible and even when I changed my mind about the [Read More]

25 March 2018

5 stars

reviewsio source 11 January 2018

Realistic about timeframe for production, processing & delivery with full communication along the way. Holiday card & small gift inside! Excellent product, beautiful details and concise directions. [Read More]

11 January 2018

5 stars

mary p

reviewsio source 16 August 2018

The quality of my new cover is better than the original that came with the new couch!! The fabric is comfortable yet durable and attractive. This addition brought on an entirely new look to my [Read More]

16 August 2018

Collapsible Wooden Armrest Tray