Tufting Buttons

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5 stars

google source 28 March 2017

Couldn't be happier with the final product. The slipcover fits like a glove and looks amazing. Everyone I have dealt with has been so pleasant. Highly recommend. [Read More]

28 March 2017

5 stars

reviewsio source 27 March 2017

From the very beginning of the process, everyone and everything has been great. Their customer service is so helpful and everyone I spoke with, so kind. The product was better than I imagined it would [Read More]

27 March 2017

5 stars

houzz source 27 March 2017

Im so pleased with this slipcover It looks amazing and as if the couch came this way Everyone has been so nice and the whole experience was very pleasant Hi [Read More]

27 March 2017

5 stars

Edwin J

reviewsio source 21 November 2017

The corner cushion on my leather Ikea Kramfors corner sectional had a huge rip that exposed half the cushion. The Comforts Works replacement was made of fine quality and was shipped in a timely [Read More]

21 November 2017

Tufting Buttons
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