Redis-Cover your Vallentuna sofa

Replace your original IKEA sofa covers with custom Vallentuna sofa covers for a unique makeover. 70+ exclusive fabrics, fit, and customisations to choose from for your IKEA Vallentuna sectional. Our fabric slipcovers ship worldwide for free, and come with a 3 year guarantee.

Revive your old IKEA sofa with custom replacement sofa covers!

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Save your Vallentuna sofa

The flexible Vallentuna sofa series from Ikea was launched in 2016 and consists of the seating module, seating module with storage, seating module with bed, backrest (various sizes), armrest, and cushion. Modular in design, it can be arranged in any configuration to suit your space and lifestyle.

Generally a great concept with limited design choices, Comfort Works makes slipcovers for the whole collection as per the original fabric Vallentuna sofa covers.

Choose from over 70 different fabrics! Start by getting fabric samples here first!

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