Replacement IKEA Backabro Sofa Bed Covers
Replacement IKEA Backabro Sofa Bed Covers

Redis-Cover your Backabro sofa bed

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Here you'll find covers for the Backabro IKEA sofa bed - careful you don't confuse it with the Moheda though! We have the 2 seater, 3 seater and attached chaise sofa bed models. For the attached chaise sleeper sofa, our slipcovers can be used for any configuration (left or right chaise).

Check out the elegant pleats featured on all our covers!

Got an old IKEA Backabro sofa bed you love that desperately needs a fersh, new look? Give it a much-needed upgrade with our IKEA replacement slipcovers, which you can have tailor-made from over 70 gorgeous fabrics. Then add small touches such as pleats, skirts, piping and ribbons that give your sofa a unique look reflects your personal style.

Our friendly customer service dudes and dudettes are always on hand to answer your burning questions and put your fears to rest should you have any. Plus, you can rest assured that your IKEA Backabro replacement slipcovers will arrive safely thanks to a shipping process that ensures your package is tracked and insured right to your doorstep, for free.

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