Replacement IKEA Fagelbo Sofa Bed Covers
Replacement IKEA Fagelbo Sofa Bed Covers

Redis-Cover your Fagelbo sofa bed

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Our Fagelbo slipcovers are perfect for a lazy day in on your IKEA sleeper sofa. The shorter arm allows for taller guests to stretch out, with one of the side pillows under your head. Note that our covers don't feature pleats, and only come in long skirt style.

Bed compartment slipcover sold separately.

Got an IKEA Fagelbo sofa bed that gets a lot of use but is starting to show its age? Give it a fast and affordable upgrade with a handmade replacement couch cover. You can design the look of your handmade slipcover by picking from over 70 gorgeous fabrics and adding your own personal touches such as pleats, piping, ribbons and side pockets.

Save your IKEA Fagelbo sofa bed from ending up in a landfill, and more importantly, mother nature from becoming even more choked up than she already is. Upcycling your old, worn-out but much-loved sofa adds years of life to it, all while minimizing the mess on mother nature behind you.

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