Pearl Embroidered Pillow Cover

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4 stars

amerigo f

reviewsio source 11 June 2018

ottima qualità dei materiali. i tempi di realizzazione sono un pò lunghi ma vale la pena attendere per un esclusivo prodotto su misura fatto a mano. elegante la confezione [Read More]

11 June 2018

4 stars

Francesca F

reviewsio source 4 May 2018

it protects my Stokholm from my cat [Read More]

4 May 2018

4 stars

Stefano B

reviewsio source 1 May 2018

Comfort Works customer support is excellent. They supported me in the choice of the right cover, I was often updated on the status of my order and they kept every promise they made. Ordering fabrics [Read More]

1 May 2018

4 stars

Consuelo O

reviewsio source 23 April 2018

Hi! I got my sofa cover which fits perfect, so it was great chance to be able to have a "new" sofa, to my old ikea sofa by buying the new cover!! The only bad news was that I was sure [Read More]

23 April 2018

Pearl Embroidered Pillow Cover