Custom Sofa Slipcovers

Revive your sofa with custom covers

Looking for a beautiful tailored slipcover? Whether it's linen, canvas or heavy duty, we've got you covered. Customise your slipcover and bring back that lovin' feelin.

We cover any sofa brand in the world

Comfort Works makes custom-made to measure slipcovers for a wide variety of sofas and armchairs. Just send us some photos to get your free quote, and read more about the custom slipcover making process.

You can also start by finding a slipcovered sofa that looks most similar to yours - products are classified by seat shape, fit and armrest type, applicable for sofa sized between 191-245 cm (75-97") and select your desired fabric to get the final price of your custom slipcovers :)

Do your sofa and mother nature a favour by upcycling your sofa with a slipcover. Not sure where to start? Easy! Simply pick a fabric that will perfectly complement your space and lifestyle, then add customisations that will reflect your personality and style. Snug or loose fit? It's all up to you! Once you've placed your order, all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait us to do the hard work of making your slipcover and delivering it to your doorstep!

Oh! And did we mention that you get free shipping no matter where you are in the world? Yup! You read that right. Plus, just to show you how serious we are about making you our priority, we hold your hand throughout the ordering process, right from the moment you get in touch with us to the moment where you install your new slipcovers.


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Asami in Yokohama


- Asami in Yokohama

Valentine in Paris

"今回Comfort Worksから届いたサファイアブルーのベルベット生地のカバーはIKEAのオフホワイトの物に比べるととても見違えるようで本当に素敵です。もう飲み物をこぼししてシミになることがないって考えるととても気楽です。"

- Valentine in Paris

Kathleen in California

"アームチェアカバーにプリーツを欲しかったので特注のオーダーでマルチプリーツカバーをオーダーしました。驚くほどしっかりした出来上がりでとても満足してます。また、今回注文したLiege Biscuitの生地に施されてるナノコーティングのおかげで飲み物をこぼしてもさっと拭くだけでシミになりません。"

- Kathleen in Cali

Jenny in Hamburg


- Jenny in Hamburg