Replacement Slipcovers for
Discontinued IKEA Sofas & Armchairs

Did IKEA discontinue your sofa model? Trying to figure out the name of your sofa so you can get a set of slipcovers for it?

Looking to get covers for your discontinued IKEA sofa here, or perhaps some newer ones? No problem we got you covered with a catalog of IKEA’s Armchairs, Sofas, Sleepers and Sectionals in all of IKEA’s current and past collections down below. 

Check out the space below as we update it annually to make sure you'd always know exactly which model you have!

IKEA Armchairs

IKEA Discontinued Armchairs

These are the discontinued IKEA armchair models and slipcover links:

IKEA Sofas

IKEA Discontinued Sofas

Here we have discontinued IKEA 2 seaters and slipcovers:

As well as the discontinued IKEA 3 seaters and link to slipcovers:

IKEA Sectionals

IKEA Discontinued Sectionals

Here are some of the discontinued IKEA Sectionals also:

IKEA Sofa Beds

IKEA Discontinued Sofa Beds

And lastly slipcover links to the discontinued IKEA sofa beds:

Hope this is helpful! If you don’t see your sofa on the list, just drop us a a photo of your couch to and we'll be able to figure it out for you :)