Replacement IKEA Sofa Legs

Replacement Legs for your IKEA Sofa

Spruce up that IKEA sofa with replacement sofa legs. Create your very own mid-century inspired sofa with our wooden legs here! Custom legs add characters to all types of IKEA sofas. Some couches might require the legs adapter if they aren't using M8 bolt on their legs by default.

Don't See Your Sofa?

We're quite the couch detectives, so if you couldn’t find yours in the line-up above, get in touch with us and send us a photo of it. We'll get back to you within a working day with what to do next.


Give your IKEA sofa legs

Our mid-century replacement IKEA sofa legs come in 3 designs, 2 sizes (regular and tall) and 2 types of wood which are Beech & Cherry.

These legs are sold individually, all pre-installed with an M8 bolt which works with these IKEA models generally: Karlstad, Karlsfors, Klippan, Klobo, Soderhamn, Landskrona, Ljungvik, Harnosand, Sater, Solsta-Olarp, Stockholm, Strandmon, Landskrona, Mellby, Norsborg.

Our legs uses a special 2 ways M8 Bolts, so simply screw in the bolts into your furniture's 8mm pre-drilled holes. We provide complimentary mounting plates If your furniture doesn't use M8 Bolts, simply check the option in the product page.

Personalise your home with small attention to details. Our legs are compatible to all IKEA sofa models that comes pre-installed with the M8 sized fitting.

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