Long Skirt Dining Chair Slipcover

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5 stars

google source 3 February 2018

Amazingly fast delivery. It arrived in New York after I just paid 1 week ago to custom order the Napa chair slipcover for Napa chair from Pottery Barn which was discountinued and YOU CANNOT FIND [Read More]

3 February 2018

5 stars

reviewsio source 19 January 2018

The customer service is AMAZING. I was ordering slipcovers for some rather unique dining chairs. Even though the first try didn't fit correctly, they worked with me to get precise measurements [Read More]

19 January 2018

5 stars


reviewsio source 18 September 2018

This is the second cover I have bought from Comfort Works. Great quality and service. I definitely recommend them. [Read More]

18 September 2018

4 stars

Alison J

reviewsio source 16 September 2018

The package was very neat and compact making use of the wonderful Royal Mail delivery service,with a cloth bag protecting the cushion covers with a nice note with my name on it [Read More]

16 September 2018

Long Skirt Dining Chair Slipcover