IKEA Fagelbo Sofa Covers Lino Vintage Linen Blends Couch Slipcover
IKEA Fagelbo Sofa Covers Lino Vintage Linen Blends Couch Slipcover

Redis-Cover your Fagelbo couch

Save your old Fagelbo sofa from IKEA sofa hell (the dumpster). Get a set of replacement IKEA Fagelbo sofa covers and give your sofa a new lease on life. Our couch covers are handmade, with your choice of 70+ exclusive fabrics. We even ship these fabric slipcovers worldwide for free!

Revive your old IKEA sofa with custom replacement sofa covers!

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Rejuvenate your IKEA Fagelbo sofa

Discontinued in 2006, the Fagelbo was the first sofabed with storage from IKEA. Similar to the Manstad, the Fagelbo's chaise opens sideways instead of frontwards to reveal its storage area. It also has 5 back cushions covers whereas the Manstad comes with only 3.

Not sure if you have a Fagelbo or a Manstad sofabed? Read more about it in our Manstad Sofa Slipcover FAQ page.

Give your old, worn-out looking IKEA Fagelbo sofa bed a fresh, new look with our custom IKEA replacement covers. Pick from over 70 fabric options, including velvets, cottons and linens, then add custom touches, such as pleated skirts, contrast piping and ribbons for a look that reflects your unique style and personality. Ready to get started? Simply order fabric samples to test at home and let us guide you through the process of designing the perfect slipcover for you.

Have your IKEA Fagelbo replacement covers sent right to your doorstep anywhere in the world for free. Worried about having them arrive safely? There's no need to be. All our packages are tracked, insured and wrapped beautifully in specially-designed pouches that also double as storage bags that you can use to keep your spare slipcovers when they're not in use.

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