Tufting Accessories

Tuft your cushions with DIY Tufting Accessories

Pick up a tufting kit and some tufting buttons and DIY your couch cushions for a mid-century Mad Men-inspired style. Styling your sofa has never been so easy with this kit. Works best with leather sofa covers.

Tuft your cushions

Get that Mad Men-inspired style at home with our DIY Tufting Kit right here. The set includes fabric-covered buttons in a fabric of your choice, one 20cm tufting needle, chalk, measuring tape, twine and a pair of scissors. If you already have all the tools, we also offer fabric-covered buttons on their own.

Now your mid-century modern living room is only a few video tutorials away!

Love the luxurious look of a Chesterfield sofa but don't want to get one? Give your sofa an elegant, Chesterfield-like upgrade without breaking the bank with our Tufting Kit. All you have to do is pick the number of buttons you want from over 70 fabric options for a perfectly tufted sofa.


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Asami in Yokohama


- Asami in Yokohama

Valentine in Paris

"今回Comfort Worksから届いたサファイアブルーのベルベット生地のカバーはIKEAのオフホワイトの物に比べるととても見違えるようで本当に素敵です。もう飲み物をこぼししてシミになることがないって考えるととても気楽です。"

- Valentine in Paris

Kathleen in California

"アームチェアカバーにプリーツを欲しかったので特注のオーダーでマルチプリーツカバーをオーダーしました。驚くほどしっかりした出来上がりでとても満足してます。また、今回注文したLiege Biscuitの生地に施されてるナノコーティングのおかげで飲み物をこぼしてもさっと拭くだけでシミになりません。"

- Kathleen in Cali

Jenny in Hamburg


- Jenny in Hamburg